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We asked the owner of Middletons Cleaning what her best at home cleaning tips are.

You know you have a good company or trades person when they give you real tips and advice for maintaining your property as it usually means less work for them. Here at the Middleton’s we put customer satisfaction above all else. And we’d prefer our work to last the longest.

Here are her secrets!

1. Occasionally putting some bi-carb soda on carpets and beds, then vacuuming it all up 6-24 hours later. This will deodorise those surfaces and also helps to removes stains such as oil.

2. Placing plants in the bathroom can help with moisture absorption, reducing the chance of mould.

3. Occasionally use an old toothbrush on grout - use gumption or magic sponges. This ensures tiles looking lovely all year long and stops mould and stains from getting too deep into the grout (which then become almost impossible to remove).

4. Build up on shower screens can be tough to get rid of if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. We’ve found Gumption on a cloth and lightly rubbing it in works an absolute treat to make your glass crystal clear again.

5. It pays to get a professional clean once in a while as they usually have tools and techniques to get rid of that stuck in dirt, from there it's then much easier to maintain.

6. Trimming back overhanging trees from the roof line extends your gutter clean. Also less care taking, sweeping up the leaf debris in the garden.

7. If you’ve got bushes around the windows, trim them back as they attract insects and bird droppings. The sun then bakes these into the windows and makes it much harder to clean.

8. We don’t recommend permanent gutter guard. As silt builds up, plants can grow underneath and blockages can occur while it is all hidden. When you do get it cleaned, it is very labour intensive and expensive removing the guard and replacing it.

9. Seal any outside pavers you have as this will save you money in the long run. The pores texture of your outside pavers means they will absorb dirt and water that will slowly eat away at them.

10. A little clean here and there works out to be much less in the long run then doing everything all at once.

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