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How much does gutter cleaning cost?

It always starts with the boring.. It depends on XYZ.

And its true, it does depend on certain things (which we will cover later).

But to answer your question the average gutter clean costs $264 - $396 (for an average size home).

So what can increase the price and why?

  1. size of property - the bigger it is the more time is spent working

  2. height of property - safety factors and risks have to be accounted for to keep everyone safe

  3. nearby trees - the main source of gutter debris is dropped leaves

  4. the last time the gutters were cleaned - over time your gutters will become fuller and fuller adding more and more work and hence money

  5. condition of gutters - guttering in good nick will speed up the process

  6. width/ type of guttering - some gutters are very narrow which make the clean more time consuming

  7. gutter guard/ mesh - there are many types of gutter guard (screwed in/permanent, pull out plastic, hedgehog or foam)

  8. quality and experience of business you are dealing with - some gutter cleaning companies will not be insured or fully trained - the old rule of you get what you pay for is generally true in this case - At Middletons Cleaning we provide full comprehensive gutter cleaning which includes the usual gutter clean plus a roof inspection and any minor roof repairs (such as a cracked tile) as well as checking the downpipes are flowing. We are fully insured and working at heights trained.

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