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School Gutter Cleaning

When is it time to get the gutters cleaned?

Most schools request a quote during or after a heavy rain fall when they notice water overflowing or even leaking into the building.

This can be quite troubling to see. The purpose of guttering is to collect and run the water from the roof of the building into the plumbing network in and around the school. If there is a blockage for example, the water cannot pass along and away from the building but instead will build up and try to move either inside the building or overflow onto the buildings foundations.

Many people are then worried about the further unwanted damage this can cause. Things such as structural damage, an internal leak, electrical damage etc. Unfortunately it will get worse if not addressed.

We understand that the safety and wellbeing of the students and teachers is a concern for schools which is why offer our comprehensive gutter cleaning services. We can avoid and repair this problem and give you piece of mind that your building will be safe when the next rains come.

Why choose Middleton's Cleaning?

  • Fully family run and owned

  • Police checked

  • Working with children check

  • Fully insured

  • 3 decades of experience

  • Own professional equipment

What is included in our gutter cleaning?

  • All debris cleared from roof and gutters

  • Downpipes flushed to make sure they are flowing

  • Any minor roof repairs (such as cracked tiles ect)

  • Report of anything that may require further attention with images

  • For an extra charge we can also offer tree trimming of overhanging branches to keep the gutters clearer for longer.

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