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Moving House Cleaning Checklist!

If you’re moving house and you don’t know where to start. This List should provide a helpful guide of where and what you need to clean and get your bond back.

1. While moving out all furniture and items its a good idea to set up a small cleaning station by laying down large mat or tarp outside so you can wipe down all furniture before you move it into your new place.

2. We recommend to move all items out of the place before you start cleaning as dust can the be transferred to those items then around the house.

3. If you’re doing a full clean, start from the top and work down.

Do all dusting first, top of window frames, upper skirting, wardrobe frames and then down to the lower skirting ect.

4. Then do any touch-ups on the walls that have scuffs or dirty marks.

5. In the kitchen, start with the harder items first (including spraying the grimy surfaces and letting that do its work): Oven, Stovetop, extractor fan ect. From there wipe down all taps, sicks and then counters and benches.

6. Bathrooms, Shower, Sinks, Bathtub, Mirrors, Benches, Toilet.

7. Laundry: Sinks, Benches ect.

8. From there you can move on to the floors. Which you’ll want to do last so you don’t have to keep walking over it as you clean.

For carpets you want to start off with a thorough vacuum. If the carpet is very dirty with many deep stains it may be worth hiring a carpet steam cleaning machine or getting it done professionally. Baking soda put on any oil stains 24 hours beforehand can help tremendously when vacuumed up. Hard floors should be swept then mopped and special attention given to noticeable stains or marks. (Floors are usually the most noticeable aspects when leaving a house. So special attention should be taken with it.)

9. Depending on your situation you may also want to clean the windows of the house or some of them.


This should conclude internal clean. In some situations such as getting your home ready to rent out, you will likely want to do the external cleaning checklist provided:

1. Gutters: Its recommended getting this professionally done, though if you have time and are competent up a ladder it can be done with a good secure ladder, bucket and waterproof gardening gloves.

2. All Grass freshly cut. And any major weeds pulled out.

3. Any trees, bushes or plants trimmed back.

4. Any bad stains on concrete or overgrowth on slippery moss should be pressure washed off with personal Pressure Wash machine or done professionally for a more heavy duty clean.

5. Cleaning your windows is also very important for the aesthetics of the home. If you’re keen to do it yourself, you can use a solution as simple as dish soap and water. With an extendable poll, dolly and squeegee attainable from any hardware store.

6. If you feel less confident cleaning them, then a professional window cleaner is a worthwhile investment.

For any further help or advice we’re just a call away - 0421 017 680 ML Josh Kalab Marketing Director Middleton’s Cleaning

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