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How to save time and money on property cleaning & maintenance - here's what to look for!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

If you are looking at minimising your property upkeep and the expenses that follow, then just keep reading.

Here are some tips to make property cleaning easier and cheaper.


1. Flat roofs make gutter cleaning safer, quicker and cheaper. Bear in mind, if there are trees in the area, cut back any over-hanging branches so that the flat roof doesn't fill up as quickly.

We supply both gutter cleaning and tree trimming services.


2. Single storey homes and buidlings are usually quicker, faster, safer and cheaper to clean. This is because access is easier and no need for specialised equipment.


3. Maintaining is cheaper in the long run. Its very easy to get side tracked and let things go. However, to maintain something is generally cheaper and less time consuming.

Heres why, think of your house, maintaining it throughout the week is a lot easier to clean than if you let it go for a week or two and have to tackle the mountains of laundry, build up of trash and dirty floors etc


4. Large windows are actually easier and faster to clean than small paned windows. Heres why, you have to take the same actions no matter what the size. i.e A small pane is just like another window within a bigger window.


5. Look for properties with easy access.

We have come across some properties where the architecture of the home makes it difficult to access windows and walls etc. Some building designs, although aesthetic, can make it very hard to reach and clean. So if your looking to cut back your maintenance expenditure, bear this in mind.

Hope you found this helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like any advice on property maintenance.

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