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How to pick the right trades person

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Here are a few things we look for when picking a good trades person.

1. I always look at their work vehicle and work equipment to see what condition it is in. This can give an indication of how they treat belongings and in turn your home.

2. See what their communication is like - did they call to say they were running late? Did they send the quote promptly? If their communication is good, then they should hopefully be able to duplicate your requests.

3. Do they give advice? A good trades person will advise (even it means less work for them) on what the best thing to do is. They will also educate you where necessary.

4. Look at reviews online or get feedback from friends (just bare in mind some reviews only tell one side of the story).

Hope that helps!

- The Middleton's

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