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A brief history of Middleton's Cleaning

Not many people know the history of Middletons cleaning, so here it is..

From the bright lights of London to Melbourne Australia

After a great career in the world of 5 star cooking in some of Londons most prestigious hotels such as the Grosvenor House and the Dorchester it was time for Jan and Craig Middleton to head out on another adventure.

They had a few destinations to pick from including, South Africa and Canada but landed on Melbourne as Craig had a family member living there at the time.

They settled in quickly but didn't have much time before they needed to start another career.

Why Window Cleaning?

Back in the UK, Craig had actually helped a friend of his start his own window cleaning business.

Based on that, Jan & Craig borrowed a ladder, brought some Fairy Liquid, a squeegee & dolly and began knocking on doors asking for work.

How it grew?

Craig worked out that for every 100 doors that he knocked on someone would give him work.

So with that and dropping flyers into letterboxes the business started to grow.

Not to mention the excellent work that Jan an Craig were doing which would blow the customer away leading to referrals. To this day (27 years later) we still have many of those original clients.

What next?

Fast forward 20 years and the business continues to grow due to the high standard of work and referrals mostly.

The business moved out of the tiny garage and into a professional office.

The whole family is now involved including the children and the son in law.

The future of Middletons?

Middletons cleaning is more focused than ever to deliver premium quality external cleaning to all our customers.

Our future plans involve selling affordable and high quality cleaning products and of training and educating in our field.

Its all up from here. Stay tuned!

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