About Middleton’s Cleaning

We are one of Melbourne’s oldest and best loved cleaning businesses with 1000’s of satisfied customers. No mess, very prompt, trustworthy and reliable, fully insured for your peace of mind.

We Give Back

We also give back yearly $1000’s to important charities that are dear to our hearts like Truth About Drugs, The Way To Happiness and other educational programs and campaigns.

Our Story

Jan and I arrived in Melbourne at the beginning of 1991. We had left behind our families, friends and careers as chefs. We were in our mid twenties and looking for a new adventure.

We had little money so we decided to start a window cleaning business to tide us over for a while.

The very first job that we ever did was on Union Road in Surrey Hills. As we didn’t have a car we carried a borrowed ladder and our bucket from one house to the next cold calling until we found work.

That was over twenty five years ago. We became successful because of our persistence and our attention to detail and quality. Because of this many of our clients from the early days are still with us.

We are delighted to have recently welcomed our son Joshua to the business, as well as several other new staff that are proving to be very able.

These days whilst window cleaning and gutter cleaning remain our specialty, we also deliver pressure cleaning and carpet cleaning. We are proud to say that we are confident in delivering excellent service in all of these zones.

All the best Craig Middleton

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14 Tilson Drive
Vermont 3133
Tel: 0421 017 680
Email: janet@middletonscleaning.com.au